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Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is often referred to as polished plaster, polished stucco, Marmarino or simply as an Italian polished plaster finish.

The smooth as glass finish offered by a polished plaster such as Venetian plaster will have you staring at your own reflection for countless hours on its mirror like surface.


If shiny isn’t your thing, then ask Render it Oz to finish your Venetian plaster to an iridescent appearance. Polished plaster finishes are ideal for creating a unique appearance in any home that will have every visitor asking you what your wall is made out of.


Venetian plaster is natural, lime based plaster which is applied by an artisan and burnished to achieve a mirror like, textured finish.


As a lime based plaster, it will perform extremely well in wet areas which where it got its name from – as it could resist the moisture arising from the canals of Venice which would normally destroy cement based or acrylic plasters.

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Often referred to as polished plaster, venetian plaster can be tinted to almost any colour you can imagine on your walls and can be used inside or out.


Wet rooms like bathrooms would be better suited to Tadelakt products so if you are thinking to use a decorative finish in your bathroom visit our Tadelakt page.


If you are looking for something a little different to add wow factor to your home or  are looking at sustainable building or eco homes, then add Venetian plaster to your list of considerations.


Talk to our artisan today about applying a polished plaster by phoning Gorni on 0415 310 802 or send us an email to and we can arrange to come and see you and bring a sample to show you what can be achieved in your home.